Acolyte concept art
Job Tier 1st Class
Job Base Xenian
The driving force of the Acolyte is faith. Knowledge does not hold as much value to an Acolyte for knowledge alone means nothing to believers. Acolytes have a choice. They may focus on the healing arts, progressing from Cleric to Priest to Paladin. Or, they may focus on fighting for the glory of Jureah, first as a humble Disciple, then a Templar, and someday a Holy Avenger, striking down evil with Jureah's light.

Reinmoth, Acolyte

The Acolyte can class change from Xenian at Level 16. They use ranged magic attack based on intelligence, have efficient assistance magic, and value giving help to people. After reaching certain levels, they can continue as healers and change their job into Cleric, followed by Priest and Paladin. Though they have the lowest physical defense, Acolytes are equipped with a variety of spells to help with buffing, healing, and even attacking.

In Secret of the Solstice, Acolyte was localized to became one of the only two 1st Class occupations that have branching job trees. As such, they are given the option to change into Disciples.


Acolytes can only equip gear designated as:


Acolytes can utilize the following weapons:


Acolytes utilize spells to defeat opponents. Spells can be purchased from the Skill Book Merchant in Essene or found as drops on various monsters.

Spell Name Description
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Advanced JobsEdit

Acolytes can advance to Clergy at lvl 66, Priest at lvl 96, and Bishop at lvl 131.

In Secret of the Solstice, the occupation system was customized drastically to create a separate job branch for Acolytes.

1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class 4th Class
Acolyte Cleric Priest Paladin
Disciple Templar Holy Avenger


Build described by Ashley88:

Pure INTEdit

For those who believe in more healing and magic power, because of most topic debates this has recently become the most popular stat build. As you heal more, meaning less pot spam when healing lot's of health, and also more magical power when using skills. As magic also effects how much damage, how much you heal, if your spirit works, does your ghost steel freeze the mob and etc. It is a very useful stat build. If you're new, but like healing and not too much combat. I recommend this build because of it's Healing+ and Magic+ power.[1]


Spam most stat into INT though some into WIS for those who believe more WIS will mean less pot spam because of more MP. Though through most topic debates, this has idea has been thrown down because of the fact that it only saves you pots in the beginning of your journey, because in the end you will have to spam pots anyways. Also through fact that WIS does not effect your MP regain time. This is no longer a popular build...[1]


For the higher leveled healers that need more health to survive the thickest of mobs. It's popularity is rising quickly among fellow healers though it's usage is to be questioned. Spamming about 6x stat points into INT and mostly the rest into STA have been said saves you from death many times because you can survive being aggroed and then running away to heal yourself then after. But because of this you will not be able to heal or damage as much as other healers with more INT(read pure INT).[1]


Not a very popular build but mixed with the idea of healing, less pot spam and more can be said some choose this stat build. Though becuase the stat points have been divided into these three stats, it isn't as effective as the other builds.[1]