A map of Arcana.
Quick Info
Type Continent
Level 1 - ???
Location unknown
Inhabitants Arcanians
Background Music

Arcana is the name of the main continent of Xen. It is unknown if there are other continents beside Arcana.


Arcana is composed of various terrains, from mountains and deserts, to forests and fields. Several Arcanian settlements lay scattered throughout the continent while bordered by untapped wilderness.


Wild RegionsEdit


In the year M.D. 768, King Haldrada of the Arcana continent has received a report of a decline in birth rates. It didn't take more than two full years from then for births to stop entirely. Furthermore, weather and seasons have stopped as well, diminishing the sense of time. Beasts became untamed. Nature, too, was no longer hospitable to humankind. Even the buried dead were raising to assault the living. Despair and sorrow alike filled his subjects.

Then came the Prophecy. It spoke of a fearsome narrative: "the godly design and foundation of Xen has been lost, and the only actions for the gods to take was to stop the flow of matter and time to delay the inevitable Cataclysm." This prophecy was enough to put the entire continent of Arcana into despair.

10 years later, in the year M.D. 779, distress abounds in the passing yet still time. The populace has lost their willpower and live daily fighting against the environment that has left them with nothing but their Mana. In this era of timeless chaotic reign of monsters all over the world, came the Visitors.

In the beginning, they were thought of as just new researchers of teleportation magics, but unlike "ESP teleport", which could not cross dimensions, sages were startled to realize that these Visitors are from completely new worlds. These folks have the shape of the common man, yet also had superior strength, intelligence, and courage. Tired of living in dread, the denizens eventually accepted them as one of their own. They came to be called "Arcadian" meaning hope, or "Xenoan" the exotic.[1]


  • Arcana is the plural form of arcanum, which means "secret; a mystery."[2] A very appropriate name for the continent as it continues to be a mystery to players in its unfinished state.


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