The Armor Merchant is located in the Armory in Brynhilld and Essene.

Brynhilld ArmoryEdit


Armor Merchant in Brynhilld.

Xenian ArmorEdit

Fighter ArmorEdit

Rogue ArmorEdit

Archer ArmorEdit

Essene ArmoryEdit


Magician ArmorEdit

Inventory Price
Helmet of Roots 2150 Kron
Helmet of Sprout 2800 Kron
Helmet of Stem 4200 Kron
Helmet of Branch 6300 Kron
Helmet of Tree 8500 Kron
Armor of Roots 2360 Kron
Armor of Sprout 4600 Kron
Armor of Stem 7300 Kron
Armor of Branch 10860 Kron
Armor of Tree 14900 Kron
Gloves of Roots 530 Kron
Gloves of Sprout 1050 Kron
Gloves of Stem 1550 Kron
Gloves of Branch 2600 Kron
Gloves of Tree 3500 Kron
Gloves of Fallen Leaves 4200 Kron
Shoes of Roots 820 Kron
Shoes of Sprout 1270 Kron
Shoes of Stem 1900 Kron
Shoes of Branch 2660 Kron
Shoes of Tree 3550 Kron
Shoes of Fallen Leaves 4200 Kron

Acolyte ArmorEdit

Inventory Price
Helmet of Soul 2150 Kron
Helmet of Spirit 2800 Kron
Helmet of Flame 4200 Kron
Helmet of Firewood 6300 Kron
Helmet of Water 8500 Kron
Armor of Soul 2360 Kron
Armor of Spirit 4600 Kron
Armor of Flame 7300 Kron
Armor of Firewood 10860 Kron
Armor of Water 14900 Kron
Gloves of Soul 530 Kron
Gloves of Spirit 1050 Kron
Gloves of Flame 1550 Kron
Gloves of Firewood 2600 Kron
Gloves of Water 3500 Kron
Gloves of the Air 4200 Kron
Shoes of Soul 820 Kron
Shoes of Spirit 1270 Kron
Shoes of Flame 1900 Kron
Shoes of Firewood 2660 Kron
Shoes of the Water 3550 Kron
Shoes of the Air 4200 Kron
Shield of Soul 1500 Kron
Shield of Spirit 2400 Kron
Shield of Flame 3800 Kron
Shield of Firewood 5200 Kron
Shield of Water 6800 Kron
Shield of Air 7800 Kron

Predictor ArmorEdit

Inventory Price
Helmet of Fire 6300 Kron
Helmet of Starlight 8500 Kron
Armor of Fire 10860 Kron
Armor of Starlight 14900 Kron
Gloves of Fire 2600 Kron
Gloves of Starlight 3500 Kron
Gloves of Moonlight 4200 Kron
Shoes of Fire 2660 Kron
Shoes of Starlight 3550 Kron
Shoes of Moonlight 4200 Kron
Shield of Fire 5200 Kron
Shield of Starlight 6800 Kron
Shield of Moonlight 7800 Kron

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