In order to play any MMORPG, players must first create a character which will serve as their avatar for the duration of their time playing. Each MMORPG offers various hairstyles and hair color in addition to face types for player customization. Some MMORPGs would even go farther as to offer different skin tones and body types.

Character SelectionEdit

When logging into a MMORPG, players will first encounter the character selection screen. Players in Xen Online can create up to a maximum of 5 characters per account. When the game was remade in 2010, the limit was increased to 10 characters per account.

In XO, players must select a character slot to create a character. Characters are typically ordered from oldest to newest characters.

Creating a CharacterEdit

In XO, players must pick a name, hairstyle, hair color and gender when creating a character. This method of character creation was preserved in the game's remake.

Deleting a CharacterEdit

Every player in XO has the option to delete characters to free up character slots for newer (and maybe better) characters. Players simply need to select the character they wish to delete from the character selection screen and press the [Delete] button.

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