This is a listing of officially sanctioned forums and fansites.

Official ForumsEdit

This is a listing of forums for the official servers of Xen Online, which also includes that of Xenopic Online, Xen Legend, Legend of the Holy Spirit Online, and Secret of the Solstice. These forums are meant to allow the community to play licensed versions of the games through legal means and for the game developers to collect feedback from their players.


This is a listing of fansites that are made for and by the Xen Online gaming community. Like the Xen Online Wiki, these fansites are NOT affiliated with DNC Entertainment and/or its subsidiaries or affiliates so paid staff are not guaranteed to frequent these sites, if at all.

Game PagesEdit

This is a listing of the official game pages for Ragnarok games on several game websites. These are separate communities of gamers that may or may not frequent the official forums.

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