Equipment are gear and weapons that help enhance character attributes in addition to dressing up. In Xen Online, players progress through many different sets of gear and weapons on their journey to max level.

Equipment RestrictionsEdit


The Equipment display originally in Inventory.

In XO, each player character can equip the following:
  • 1 headgear
  • 1 facial accessory
  • 1 eyewear
  • 1 armor (full body)
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 1-2 weapons (depending on the occupation)
  • 3 accessories
  • 1 ammo (depending on the occupation)

All equipment will show up as visual representations on the character itself. There is no option to hide equipment from other players.


The Equipment display moved to the Information window.

Broken EquipmentEdit

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To hide stat equipment, players in XO have the option to wear costume gear that covers stat equipment, allowing players to customize the look of their characters while still being able to perform effectively with their desired stats.