Event Manager Mikage

Event Manager Mikage is an event manager located in Brynhilld. She hosts events for the city's residents and visitors.

CBT Only Daily PerksEdit

Closed Beta Testers were given the opportunity to receive buffs from Event Manager Mikage. CBT players simply had to talk to Event Manager Mikage in order to receive these perks.

Daily Buffs

  • Receive an increase of 20% to experience gain, attack power, defense, magic power, and magic defense for 1 hour.
  • Receive an increase of 3 to movement speed for 1 hour.

Daily Jewels

Daily House Items

Items ListEdit

All of Event Manager Mikage's items cost 500 Krons each.

Items for Sale
Jewels Equipment Other Quartz Dims
Xen Stone Panda Suit Equisible Blue Mana Quartz Blue Crebis Dim
Pibrium L Panda Head Silkion Green Mana Quartz Red Crebis Dim
Meridian L Duriel Cape Sirius Star Brown Mana Quartz Green Crebis Dim
En Stone Yellow Mana Quartz Purple Crebis Dim
Old Dragon's Fang White Crebis Dim
Yellow Watermelon