Fighter concept art.
Job Tier 1st Class
Job Base Xenian
Strength and endurance are the most valued qualities for the Fighter classes, because Fighters need to suppress opponents with strength, and protect allies with endurance. If you join the Fighter Guild, you will start as a squire. From there, after much hard work, you may eventually become a Knight. A Knight can go on to become a fierce Warrior, and the truly determined can become a Warlord, respected by all. The choice will be yours, and yours alone.

Reinmoth, Acolyte

Fighters train in the arts of the Akarinas sword, and are awarded their class after qualifying to join a vigilance committee. The Fighter is the basic melee character that will always stand in the front line. Its main purpose is to attack and tank, which means take most of the damage from the monsters. That is why they possess the highest amount of HP and the strongest gears among the other classes. They are also good damage dealers, second after Mages.

In Secret of the Solstice, Fighter was localized to Squire.



The Fighter sprites as seen in-game.

Fighters can only equip gear designated as:


Fighters can utilize the following weapons:


Fighter uses various melee skills. Skills can be purchased from the Skill Book Merchant or found as drops on various monsters.

Skill Name Description
Strike Strike The main skill for the fighter. Attacks enemies by putting energy into the sword.
File:EnergyDischarge.png Energy Discharge Long range AOE skill.
File:ShieldHit.png Shield Hit Stuns the enemy and lowers its movement speed. You need to have a shield equipped in order to use the skill.
File:BladePolish.png Blade Polish Self buff which adds extra POW.
Blockade Blockade AOE buff which increases HP.
File:BasicVitality.png Basic Vitality ??Self buff which will increase the critical attack rate when hit by a monster. Intended to be used while AOEing.
File:TenaciousVitality.png Tenacious Vitality Long range attack.
File:BladeAttack.png Blade Attack Hits the enemy and deals damage over time on it with a bleeding state.
File:GreatMagicResistance.png Great Magic Resistance Hits and stuns the monster for a short time. The monster will run if he is hit while stunned.
File:ShieldCounterattack.png Shield Counterattack AOE skill that will hit all the monsters within a very short range and lower their attack rate.

Advanced OccupationsEdit

Fighters can advance to Knight at lvl 66, Warrior at lvl 96, and Warlord at lvl 131.



Fighters are known to be one of the easiest class to play and to level up. Due to its basic build, a fighter will be able to manage any situation, be it solo or party.


Due to their builds and gears, fighters can solo, even AOE, maps higher than their level if they possess the appropriate gears. However, since a fighter mostly use close range attacks, it will take lots of hits from monsters. When soloing a fighter should carry a lot more HP pots than MP pots. For example, out of 100 pots, 75 should be HP pots and 25 MP pots.

The basic attack scheme of a fighter will most of the time be as follow : Attraction > Shield Crash > Broken Sword > Slash


The first duty of a fighter in a party is to protect other party members, especially the healer. Even if a fight has already been engaged with a monster, if one of the party member with low defense and health (healer, mage or archer) is attacked, the fighter must immediately run up to his help and try to either stun the monster (Shield Crash, Soul Break), get its attention on him (Slash, Attraction...) or make it run(Hard Blow).