Health and Mana in Xen Online are the most basic elements that allow a player character to survive and thrive in the game world. Each and every playable character created have a certain amount of health and mana, which can be increased with base level, health buffs, and appropriate gear.


Health in XO refers to Hit Points (HP). HP determines how many hits your character can take before it dies. The more HP your character has, the longer it can last in combat.

The stat responsible for modifying the HP of a character in XO is STA.


Mana in XO refers to Mana Points (MP). MP determines how many times you can use certain skills as each skill consumes different amounts of MP. The more MP your character has, the more skills it can use at a time.

The stat responsible for modifying the MP of a character in XO is MEN.

Health and Mana InterfacesEdit

In addition to the UI, a character's health and mana is also displayed as two bars underneath the character's sprite for easy tracking.

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