A sample of the many different houses offered in XO.

A Housing System is a MMORPG feature that allows players to purchase a house with which they can decorate and live in. Very few MMORPGs offer such a system and Xen Online is one of them.

Getting a HouseEdit

In order to get a house, players must do the Housing Manager's quest. Players must be at least Level 15 to do the quest.

Once the quest is completed, a player must pay 50,000 Kron to purchase a key for their house. The key must be purchased every month in order to keep the house. If the key is not purchased, the player will lose access to their house.[1]

Decorating a HouseEdit


A few of the many furniture available to decorate houses.

In XO, players can decorate both the inside and the outside of their house with furniture and various home decorations.


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