MAYN Interactive PTE LTD.
MAYNInteractive logo
Type Private
Industry Software
Founded 2008 May 1[1]
Headquarters Singapore[2]
Key People  ??
Products MMORPG and mobile games
Number of Employees  ??
Parent  ??
Subsidiaries  ??
Website MAYN Interactive English

MAYN Interactive is poised to be a leading independent publisher of Free-To-Play massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) catering to the Western Market. Utilizing numerous revolutionary business practices, they created a more mobile, adaptable, and flexible production. As every market transitions over time, so do the goals and practices of the companies serving said markets. Taking this principle to their foundation, MAYN Interactive is able to provide online game localization, support, and operations for the Americas and Europe, far beyond the capabilities of any other publisher. Dedicated to providing top quality service and support to both customers and business affiliates, MAYN Interactive constantly evaluates their direction and progress in order to ensure the best possible outcome for every project they undertake.[3]

MAYN Interactive had a branch office in Korea.[4]


Beta test of Twelve Sky 2 began in 2009 and launched within the year.[5]

On 2010 March 17, MAYN Interactive announced that they will be publishing Tactical Intervention for their contracted regions. Beta testing for the game began on 2011 May 6.[6]

On 2011 June 16, MAYN Interactive began their closed beta test for the first European server of Xen Online.[7] Europe players were given the remake version of the game to test on. The closed beta test concluded on 2011 June 27 and open beta began about a month later on 2011 July 28.[8][9] It is unknown when the exact launch date for the game was. About a year later on 2012 July 19, it was announced that the Europe server of Xen Online will be shut down and all players who have bought cash shop credits will be compensated with credits to be used towards Twelve Sky 2.[10] The reasons for the shutdown is unknown.

Game Titles

MAYN Interactive previously offered:

Under Smilegate, MAYN Interactive's MAYN Games platform currently offers:

MAYN Games

MAYNGames logo

Logo for MAYN Games portal.

MAYN Games is the account platform for all games hosted by MAYN Interactive. Over time, the MAYN Games brand has become synonymous with MAYN Interactive themselves and is used to refer to the company.

Some time later, MAYN Interactive was acquired by Smilegate West, Inc. The MAYN Games portal was allowed to continue existing, but the game selection was slimmed down to just KaraHan, Twelve Sky 2, and Crime Craft. Smilegate's own games Crossfire and Pangya are instead hosted on their own GameRage portal.



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