Magician concept art.
Job Tier 1st Class
Job Base Xenian
To learn ancient secrets, harness them for yourself and shape your knowledge into spells to cast down unforgettable judgement on your enemies... These are privileges that only a Magician can enjoy. If you join the Magician Guild, you'll start as an apprentice, studying under your Guild Master to become a Mage. From there, you may become a Wizard, and progress to Archmage. The choice will be yours, and yours alone.

Reinmoth, Acolyte

The Magician can class change from Xenian at Level 16. They deal magic based damage but have weaker defense and HP than other characters. Magicians wield this magic to defend themselves, fighting from a distance. A Magician may change jobs to a Mage, then Wizard, and finally Archmage.

In Secret of the Solstice, this occupation was localized as Apprentice.


Magicians can only equip gear designated as:


Magicians can utilize the following weapons:


Magicians utilize spells to defeat opponents. Spells can be purchased from the Skill Book Merchant in Essene or found as drops on various monsters.

Spell Name Description
File:MindBuster.png Mindbuster The basic skill for a magician. Amplify magic power to attack the target. Be careful not to get attacked in the middle of recalling for it can be canceled.
File:MagicIce.png Magic Ice Draw a pentacle to collect moisture from land and freeze the target and lower the target's movement speed. Effect varies as skill level.
File:MagicThunder.png Magic Thunder Draw a pentacle and summon a thunderbolt to attack the target.
File:ClearMagic.png Clear Magic Remove target's debuff including immobilization, movement speed decrease, movement disable, etc.
File:MagicShield.png Magic Shield Collects the mana and puts a shield on oneself that changes 2 maximum damage to MP for 60 seconds. 30MP will accumulate during this effect. Effects increase according to the skill level.
File:MagicPoison.png Magic Poison Poison opponent by collecting poisons in the air with magic. Reduces max 96 HP for 16 seconds and effects increase according to the skill level.
File:MagicFire.png Magic Fire Attacks the opponent by recalling flame from the sky by magic.
File:Concentration.png Concentration Goes into concentration mode with certain probability when attacking target. When in concentration mode, the critical goes up 100%.
File:Lightning.png Lightning Recalls lightning by magic and attacks opponents within certain range. Effects increase according to the skill level.
File:Arrest.png Arrest Seals target for certain period of time. Seals can be unlocked after certain time or when settle command is reapplied.

Advanced OccupationsEdit

Magicians can advance to Mage at level 66, Wizard at level 96, and Archmage at level 131.


Builds describe by Kayarine:

Pure INTEdit

Magicians using this will do a lot of damage, but cast a little slow. And can run of MP fast too, not as fast as the INT/MEN users though. One nice advantage is having your Magic Ice working all the time on high level maps while non-full INT users have to still get it to work by chance. If you wish to use this, just put every single stat point you get in INT, but remember to add to POW when you get a new staff.[1]


Magicians using this won't do as much damage as pure INT users, but can cast slightly faster and get more criticals. Another good thing about this build is: It's more accurate than builds that don't use MEN. However, the fast casting will make you run out of MP very very quick. According to Foger_StaRZ, casting speed of pure INT and 30 MEN is not very different, but the damage of 30 MEN is low, which makes them use much more MP than pure INT users. So don't add too much MEN! If you wish to use this, add just 8-10 MEN, because that's when it makes a difference, and start adding to it at lv 55+ only.[1]


This is great if you don't want to use potions and like to sit when you run out of MP, and for having more MP for Magic Shield. But you'll be missing a lot of damage if you use this...Every point in WIS increases 11 MP.If you like to party a lot or want to level fast, do not use this build (parties require you to spam pots so everyone can kill non-stop and if you want to level fast you shouldn't be sitting every time you run out of MP) If you wish to use this, a 5:1 (INT:WIS) ratio is recommended, and remember to add to POW when you get a new staff.[1]


People using this will be doing much less damage, but will be doing more crits than Pure INT and will have more MP. I don't recommend this because you'll be doing very low damage, and Magicians are supposed to deal the highest damage... Plus you won't get the maximum benefit from MEN and WIS. If you wish to use this, a 5:1:1 (INT:MEN:WIS) ratio is recommended, and remember to add to POW when you get a new staff.[1]


This is a novelty build for the standard Magician, only really useful if you kite/tank AoE. Every point in STA increases 11 HP. You'll be doing around 50 less damage with 10 STA. And it's recommendable that you only use this build if you can reset your stats with a Rebirth Card...[1]