Novice Labyrinth
Map of the Novice Labyrinth.
Quick Info
Type Field
Level  ???
Location  ???
Inhabitants forest monsters
Background Music




Solution path of the labyrinth.

Starting point is the top left corner, depicted by the white "S".

The start square appears to be a safe zone. (No spells, potential rest point)

Forks are obviously intended to confuse the player. They are points (A: 10, 7; B: 17, 10) in the puzzle where multiple valid paths exist. They always wind up back on a real path.

Big squares are those that you will need to walk through to get to the goal. Small squares are those that are optional - the shortest path through the puzzle is shown.

The puzzle seems to include every creature you will likely kill before you reach level 30.

Thus: bring as many potions as possible and/or attempt with a party.

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