Type Private
Industry Distribution
Founded 2006[1]
Headquarters San Francisco, CA, USA[2]
Key People Susan Choe
Owen Mahoney
Philip Yun
Products MMORPG and mobile games
Number of Employees 11-50[3]
Parent  ??
Subsidiaries  ??
Website OUTSPARK English

Founded in 2006, OUTSPARK publishes free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs) with deep social features for the rapidly growing online games market. It has quickly become a global leader in the space, paving a way for a new era of digital entertainment. OUTSPARK's own online portal and social community has attracted over nine million registered players, and continues to grow with engaging social features and a metrics-approach that enhances the user experience. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, OUTSPARK offers a variety of next-generation client and social web MMOs, with an ever-evolving portfolio of new games and content. [4][5] It had a subsidiary office in Korea.[6][7]


OUTSPARK was founded by Susan Choe in 2006.[8] She was eventually replaced by Philip Yun, who was previously the CEO of NHN USA, in 2011. Choe had previously hired Owen Mahoney, a former Electronic Arts executive, to be CEO in September of 2009. But he resigned in 2010 and Choe took over again as CEO.[9]

On 2007 November 2, OUTSPARK filed a trademark request for the word mark title of Secret of the Solstice.[10] The name Secret of the Solstice would eventually be used for the North America server of Xen Online for reasons unknown. The trademark was later cancelled on 2015 February 6 when their version of the game (and every other game they hosted) was shut down.

On 2008 September 16, OUTSPARK entered a partnership with Akamai to utilized its Electronic Software Delivery solution and Download Manager in order to enable OUTSPARK to more easily and efficiently distribute its game clients to players.[11]

As of 2013 February 6, OUTSPARK was acquired by German publisher Gamigo, Inc.[12][13] Its Fiesta Online game data was transferred to Gamigo, but no other game hosted by OUTSPARK would have its data transferred along with it.[14] Many OUTSPARK employees transferred over to Gamigo's new office in San Francisco to continue working on games, while only a few stayed behind to compile a core team that would decide whether to continue keeping Outspark alive or dissolve it completely.[15][16] Paul Thind, former COO of OUTSPARK, moved on to become the founder of TriggerSpot.[17]

Game Titles

OUTSPARK's games aren't hardcore like massively multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft, nor are they casual like Zynga's social games on Facebook. Instead, OUTSPARK makes or commissions MMOs that are free-to-play, where users can play for free and pay for virtual goods with real money.[18]

OUTSPARK previously offered:



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