Q Entertainment Co., Ltd.
QEntertainment logo
Type Private
Industry Software
Founded 2003 October 10[1]
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan[2]
Key People Shuji Utsumi
Nobuhiko Shimizu
Tatsuya Ogura
Yukio Kubo
Shigeo Maruyama
Products Producing, consulting, planning, development and sales of home-use/arcade game consoles, personal computers and mobile phone contents
Number of Employees  ??
Parent  ??
Subsidiaries  ??
Website Q Entertainment Japanese

Q Entertainment aspires to become a future-oriented interactive content provider to QUEST, create and provide original value in the entertainment content industry.[3]


In December of 2004, Q Entertainment helped launch Lumines (PSP®) through the whole world. It was then that the company started going into the video game development business. About a year later in August of 2005, they entered a mobile license agreement with Gameloft S.A. and the West. By November of that year, they've allocated new shares to a third party implementation.

Q Entertainment didn't start mobile gaming service in Japan until 2006 April. By the next month, mobile service was extended to the Western center for Lumines Mobile in countries around the world. In June of 2009, the company's mobile gaming service expanded to online support and then mobile social games in 2010 January.

Later on in December of 2006, Q Entertainment entered the PC online publishing business starting with Angel Love Online. In January of 2008, Q Entertainment began the commercial service of Xen Online, which was localized to Xenepic Online.

Q Entertainment began delving into browser game development and management around 2009 December. With it came the launch of NikQ, their first browser game.[4]

Game Titles



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