For the Secret of the Solstice 2nd Class, see Felon.
Rogue concept art.
Job Tier 1st Class
Job Base Xenian
Do not mistake the Rogue for a simple thief. Witness their stealthy movement and quick agility first-hand, and you will be convinced that they are born with killer instincts. Join as a neophyte and choose your path. You may specialize in hunting with bow and arrow, starting as a Scout. From there, becoming an Archer is the next step in becoming the fearless hunter known as a Ranger. Or you may walk the path of the Felon, becoming an Assassin, and someday, one of the chosen elite known as the Shadow.

Reinmoth, Acolyte

The Rogue can class change from Xenian at Level 16. They deal melee attacks based on agility and traps; nimble with fast quick attacks that easily dispose of their enemies.

In Secret of the Solstice, Rogue was localized to Neophyte and became one of the only two 1st Class occupations that have branching job trees.


Rogues can only equip gear designated as:


Rogues can utilize the following weapons:


Rogues utilize skills to defeat opponents.

Skill Name Description
GustStriking Gust Striking The Basic Skill for Rogues. Uses a certain amount of MP to launch a special attack doing approximately 3x a Rogue's melee damage.
Blind Blind Stuns the target for approximately 5 seconds.
File:ImproveConcentration.png Improve Concentration Increases nearby friendly targets' critical rate by 6. Effects increase with to skill level.
File:DodgeTraining.png Dodge Training Increases the dodge rate and decreases attack speed for 1 minute. Effects increase with skill level.
File:Trap.png Trap Teleports user to a place on screen.
File:Hiding.png Hiding Turns the target invisible lasts 3 seconds movement speed is decreased. Effects increase with skill level.
File:ScorpionStab.png Scorpion Stab Poisons a target that lasts 12 seconds. Effects increase according to skill level.
File:FatalBlow.png Fatal Blow Increases moving speed according to agility(1 by that level). Effects increase according to skill level.
File:DemonsWhisper.png Demon's Whisper Stuns target for x seconds. Effects increase according to skill level.
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Advanced JobsEdit

Rogues can advance to Felon at level 66, Assassin at level 96, and Shadow at level 131.

In Secret of the Solstice, the occupation system was customized drastically to create a separate job branch for Rogues after they were localized to Neophyte.

1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class 4th Class
Neophyte Rogue Assassin Shadow Master
Scout Archer Ranger


  • Pure AGI - your attack speed and dodge rate will be increased tremendously but your attacks won't be as damaging as POW and your MP won't suffice.
  • Hybrid AGI/POW - increases your damage to a fairly high level but cuts back on dodge rate and attack speed
  • Hybrid AGI/MEN - increases attack speed in casting skill attacks like threaten and normal attacks but normal attack rate will be decreased