• Locations

    Obviously there's a ton of location pages we still need to add to the wiki.

    Jokerman28 WorldMap

    According to this most recent world map, there should be 126 location pages in total. So far, we only have 72 location pages on the wiki. If anyone has any information on the missing maps, please feel free to add the corresponding pages for them.


    I'm currently working on standardizing the monster pages. At this time, we're going with PNG file format for the images. If we come across a source of animated monster images, we can convert them to animated PNGs to easily replace the static PNGs with them.


    The item pages have been standardized, so those categories are ready for new pages to be added.


    Will be working on NPC standardization after monsters are done.


    Slowly trying to collect information on occupations. The pages have all been standardized, so they just need to be fluffed up with information and images.

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    • Just finished standardizing all the location, item, monster, and NPC pages. Obviously it's going to be rather difficult to add new pages to those categories, considering the game is dead in all regions. So I guess for now we can just try to find information on the occupations to flesh those out more. I've been able to dig up some concept art for the job classes, but not a whole lot. If anyone has a fansite kit that includes occupation illustrations, that'd be very helpful.

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