This is my first guide for this Wiki and I'll be adding to it as I go along. So if some one finds any errors and wants to add more information. Please contact me in game under the name Selfer by mail.

A general guide to Secret of Solstice.

When viewing the skill build of classes, there is some mistakes-> Upside= Advantages Downside=Disadvantages


This guide will be a general FAQ on stuff that aren't explained clearly at the official website and in-game help as well as some tips for Secret of Solstice. Most of the information will be from my own experience, so they may be subject to change in the future. I'm going to update the guide as I receive more information.



Each stat relies on the points you place into it, You get 1 per level.

You receive 1 additional point every 5 levels for a total of 2 points. And an additional 2 points every ten levels for a total of 3 points.


  • Increases the damage dealt by melee classes, such as Rogues and Warriors.
  • +30 Weight(WT) for every POW. Weight determines how much Weight can be carried. I'll tell you right now, this sucks for Mages because we are always over weight due to the mana pots. But we still deal more damage than any other class, so it's worth it. :P If the WT is more than 70 percent your character's speed will fall and you'll move at a slower pace until you ditch the extra weight, eat it or put it in storage or something. If the weight is more than 85 percent your HP / MP will not automatically recover. Luckily this does not affect your battles unless you're trying to run away or kite.


  • Increases the damage done by spell casters, such as Apprentices and Acolytes.


  • +1 Attack Speed for every AGI. (this is no longer true, Attack Speed is measured in seconds now begining with 1.4 sec.) The first point of AGI decreases attack speed by 0.1
  • +1 Dodge for every +3 AGI. (Likewise, dodge does not increase every three points.)
  • +1 Skill Critical for every +6 or +7 AGI. (This is still fairly accurate.)


  • +1 Dodge for every +7 MEN. (It's about every 6 or 7 MEN.)
  • +1 Hit Rate for every +3 MEN. (Hit Rate determines your chance of actually hitting a mob, and goes up about every 3 to 4 points.)
  • +1 Skill Critical for every +3 MEN. (It also raises the Critical rating, which seems to be a chance of hitting a Crit.)
  • Has been reported to re-use the skills interval.


  • +10 HP for every +1 STA. It actually increases according to how many hp you currently have.


  • +5 MP for every +1 WIS. Same applies for wisdom, it's not set at a specific rate.

There are some skills and potions that effect your stats, such as running speed (when you see people running and the dust is flying up behind them.) as well as gear.

"Sorry, this page was hard to understand, no offence. I hope it is better to understand now." -Surgura


Many people attempt to tell you what's the best place to level or where to get the most exp. But truthfully, there is no sure place. Leveling depends not only on your build but your stats as well; and even your intelligence. It's true that some maps are harder than others but that honestly depends on how good you are with strategies.

There are few things you need to take in account when leveling. 1. How much damage a mob will do to you. 2. How fast you can kill it. 3. How often you die. 4. How much exp it gives. 5. How much money does it cost.

The only way you know for sure as to what place you should level, is by trying a variety of places. For example if you kill a mob that takes 40 seconds and you have to continue using pots while killing it, or needing to rest after and get 10 exp, but you can kill a lower level mob in 10 seconds and get 4 exp. You'll be making 16 exp in the same time it took you to kill the stronger mob, giving you 6 extra exp.

The things you should look for is how fast you can kill, and how many monsters you can kill within that time, without having to take a break. It's not always good to go against higher level mobs just because they give a lot of exp in one go. With that said, I have compiled a list of areas to hunt for each level. However, this may not apply to everyone. It's best to check the area and write down the information to compare the exp flow.

If you happen to mess up on your stats, don't worry about it to much. When you go to change to your 3rd change (being Scout, Rogue etc.), you'll get a free skill reset.

Hunting Area's

1 to 16 I'd stick to Forgotten Lake until 16, but that goes without saying.

16 to 18 Aerial Forest

18 to 25 Crossevon Path is my choice. Be careful of Carrorabbi. It's highly aggressive and will cause Pittle Rabbit to attack you.

25 To 31 Vreily Grove is a nice place to train except for Giant Poyo Poyo. They are a bit annoying for spell casters due to them summoning poyo poyo when attacked, thus causing you to be attacked by two mobs at the same time.

31 to 40 train at Mystra Basin. You're asking yourself why not at Mystra Hill. There is a good reason for that. Everyone trains at Mystra Hill, causing it to be a laggy area for those with lower end video cards. Mystra Hill is a mostly open area which allows monsters to aggro you even more. However, Mystra Basin has less open space and the only monster that has heavy aggro is Wackle, but they tend not to stay in groups. This is unlike Mystra Hill, having Dugy which are highly aggressive and tend to stays in packs. Level 2 skill books also tend to drop within this area.

40 To 43 Luan Basin. The strongest monsters here are the Sand Snake, which are very aggressive. There will be no monsters that casts spells. Which is a good thing right? :) I get About 0.30 exp or so from monsters within this area. Yeah, I know the exp is getting slower and slower. These leveling areas are based on my own experience and I'm writing them out as I level. So trust me when I say I know the leveling sucks. XD

Also if you don't like the area above due to the long walk or aggressive monsters, go to Curior Forest. The area is more open and has less monsters. This allows you to not get mobbed as much.

43 to 46 Felix Forest. At these levels I'd get +1 gear asap if you can find it. The monsters wont do much damage to you at all. The Halloween StarBear is a bit aggressive but not very much due to your level. The only things you need to watch out for are Yellow Road, Kenin Weed and Hawgs. They are a bit aggressive, but not too much. With the new armor, none of the monsters within this area should be hard to kill, even if you're getting mobbed by three at once.

Colrona Forest is also a good area for 43 to 46. It has a few different monsters, but still has the Kenin Weed and a bear called the Halloween MoonBear. The monsters are basically the same level as the other area except for the Fly. It summons help when attacked, but all in all, it's a good area if you're bored with seeing the other monsters any time before level 46.

46 to 49 From Level 46-47 I suggest training at Shylphaen Forest. Be careful of the Ice Fairy as they can cast ice magic, but don't worry too much. If you got the +1 gear I told you to get at level 43-46, you shouldn't have a problem with them.

If you don't like this area, you can always head on over to Baskerville Forest, if the monsters don't hit you too hard. Be careful of Earth Ball. Their skill is Impact and it causes bleeding. They look as if they'll throw a fireball at you at any moment, but don't worry, as it doesn't have a range attack. It does, however, have magic, but it has to be within melee range. So those with melee characters might want to be extra careful.

49 to 54 Bailey Plains is a great place to level. It's near the city and the next level area is one map over; the Buseri and Scoliter. Shouldn't be very aggressive in this map, if at all. The Achang and Spoonkie will try to rape you, however. There's also a really huge Safe Zone before getting to Hooters Plains where you can level. There are two sides you can go out of, so it's a nice place if you get mobbed or feel like resting. Speaking of Spoonkie, you may get a real kick out of them. Ever seen the movie Gremlins? Well if so, Spoonkie looks just like an overgrown Gizmo (sort of), so if you are the type that likes killing cute creatures like myself, you'll really enjoy this area.

54 to 56 You'll want to hunt in Hooters Plains. None of the monsters have long range attacks, nor are too aggressive, except for the Cactuless. The others are, but not nearly as much.

Hunting Tips

Aggro Mobs

In some areas monsters are less aggro than others. They will also decrease their hatred toward you the higher level you become.

Stunning skills

There are a few skills that have the stun effect in the game, such as Sprit and a few others. These skills are often used to slow down the mob or stun it in order to take less damage. However they can also be used to escape a battle, or to put some distance between you and the mob.

Auto Loot

There are two ways to auto pick up items (Auto Loot). The first being to buy an item in the cash shop that allows your pet to pick up your items, and the second is to hold down alt.

Faster Buffing and healing

You can switch party members faster by clicking on the party names in the left hand corner of the screen. This allows you to target players faster and allowing you to buff more quickly. Some people tend to overlook this.

Hunting areas for Solo Acolytes

1 to 16 I'd stick to Forgotten Lake until 16, but that goes without saying.

16 to 18 Aerial Forest

18 to 25 Kastled Grove is a good place to hunt for Acolytes. There are no monsters that do range attacks, and the monsters tend not to be all that aggressive. Even the Crown Slime. But be careful, they still can be. Just not as often as most maps. Remember to get the quest for the lost report. You get 500 kron and the quest is repeatable. It's a pretty good way to make money if this is your first and only crit. Don't forget to get the Firewood quest from the blacksmith in the first city, because the Pittle Rabbit drops them.

25 to 30 Saifield Forest. The money tends to be good, as well as the exp in this area. You can do the firewood quest here, also, so don't forget to redo it. :)

Hunting Areas for Parties

I'm writing this area mostly for Acolytes and Mages, or parties with those two within them.

1 to 16 Stick to Forgotten Lake until 16, but that goes without saying.

16 to 18 Aerial Forest

18 to 23 Crossevon Path. Be careful of Carrorabbi, as it's really aggressive in this area.

23 To 31 Vreily Grove. The good thing about a priest/wizard combo is that you can use sprit on multiple hostile monsters, allowing you to fight one at a time. The mage casting freezing, the priest hitting the monster with the illusion spell, then the ice spell allows you to take on much higher monsters that are in red. Just have to be careful of aggroing others while trying to fight just one.

Neo/Rogue Builds

  • Pure AGI

Neophytes are basically a rogue class with less abilities than a rogue. So like all rogues, they rely on dodge as their main defense. Since a Neo's defense and attack are not as great as most classes, they need as much AGI as they can get to dodge, so that they'll survive against enemies.

Agility effects your dodge rate, as well as skill spamming at a much slower rate than MEN, but with a good amount, you will see the difference. It effects your Attack Speed for every 2 AGI, you get 1 attack point Speed. It also effects your critical rate with normal and skill attacks.

Take less damage due to being more dodgy. Criting more often. Faster attack and skill speed.

Does less damage than other builds. Carries less weight.

  • 3 AGI 2 POW

I'm not to sure about this build, but I hear they tend to level fast. I'm not sure if it's faster or slower than full Agi.

Hits harder than other builds, and kills faster. Able to carry more weight.

Take more damage. Dies a lot easier. :)

Scout/Acher/Ranger Builds


  • Full POW

This happens to be my current build, and I'm loving it. Once you become Scout, you'll be hitting nearly 400 damage. Able to out damage wizards, or at least until the 100 levels. You'll be able to carry a lot more items.

I normally carry 50 Tiny HP pots, 100 Tiny MP pots, 10 return scrolls, 10 warp scrolls, 100 Symbol of the wind, 10 trackers, and 5000 arrows at level 50. Should be able to do the same at level 45, when first becoming a scout.

The Upside:
Doing a lot of damage and carrying a lot more items. Staying out on the field longer due to not having to refill the pots as much. The Down Side:
The only down side to this build is the slow attack speed. But who cares if you're hitting 400-500 attack damage right? :D

  • POW and MEN

The newer build people seem to often go by is full POW until 70, then start to add a bit of MEN, then back to POW. The Amount of MEN added depends on how much you feel is enough. There really is no set amount.

The Upside:
Hit's hard, but not as hard as the full POW. Carries a lot of weight, and able to attack and skill at a faster rate. Higher crit rate. Higher Dodge rate.

The Downside:
Doesn't hit as hard as full POW build. Can't carry as much weight.

  • Another POW/MEN build

Once you turn scout, add 10 points into your MEN and the rest into POW. Every five levels, add one of your extra points into MEN. Once you like your attack speed, stop adding points into MEN.

Shoot faster than other Scout builds. More Critical attacks than others.

Has less damage than other builds. Can't carry as much weight as other scout builds.

Acolyte/cleric/priest/paladin Builds


  • Full INT

INT adds to magical attack, healing amount, Illusion Quake Damage, etc.. This is the build I went with. In my opinon, it's better than other builds. You may ask why I didn't want WIS added? Well wis only adds to the amount of MP you have. Make sure you get enough POW for your shields and staffs.

Either way you'll still be spamming mana potions like mad. So why not add the points into a stat that you can take advantage of. But don't take my word for it. I only like this build due to doing more damage and healing amount. Not everyone has the same playing style. :)

More damage with your illusion quake spell. Healing for larger amounts.

You have a smaller MP pool? :O


This is an ok build. Specially for people who are just starting out that don't have a main to supply money for pots. Don't forget POW for your staff and shields. :)

A larger MP pool.

Less damage from magic attacks and less healing.


This is a faster casting build. I'd say this would be better than 2 INT 1 WIS build in my opinion.

Faster casting speed. Higher crit rate. More Dodgy.

Less damage from magic attacks and less healing.

Disciple/Templar/Holy Avenger


  • 2 POW 1 STA

This is a common build. Strong and pretty hard to take down. After you go full power until level 45, start to invest into stamina till you get 425+ HP, and then go full power again. This build is highly recommended.

Good damage. High weight capability. Good amount of HP.

Do less damage than pure Pow Builds.

  • 2 POW 1 MEN

I'm not sure about this build. People say that there is a "MEN issue" that keeps the stat from working correctly, but I'm not sure.

Good damage, High weight capability. Higher critical hit rate. Faster skill spamming and attack speed. Better dodge rate.

Less HP than the Pow/Sta build.

Squire/Knight/Warrior Build


  • Pure POW

This is the build I'm currently using but I'm thinking about changing to 2 pow 1 sta build. Though this build seems good, I think having a bit more HP would be really nice.

Faster killing than other builds. Carries more weight than other builds.

Dies easier than other builds. Less HP than men builds.

  • 2 POW 1 STA

I suggest this build for those who wish to AoE. The damage is good and you have a lot of hp.

Large HP Pool. Easier to AoE. Good Damage.

Less damage than a pure POW build. Carrie less weight.

  • 2 POW 1 AGI

This seems to be a common and popular build. The Dodging is good and you deal good damage. Making it an ideal tanker and AoE'er.

Good damage. Good at AoE'ing. Faster attack and skill rate than other builds. Higher movement speed and crit rate.

Less HP than other builds. Does less damage than a pure POW build.

  • 2 STA 1 POW

This build is known as the Tanker Build. It's great for parties due to the high HP you have. Though it lacks in damage. This build is used for Parties and can't solo very well.

Hardly ever die in a party. Can take on more mobs than any other build for this class. More HP than any other build.

Does less damage. Can't carry a lot of items. Very hard to solo.



  • Pure INT

This was the build I went with due to the fact I have money to spam MP Pots. And I love the damage it deals. This seems to be the most common build these days for Mage types. If you wish to use this build, just add every single point into INT and add POW when you need it for a new staff.

High damage, faster killing, faster leveling.

Mana eater. Your mana drains really fast due to having a small mana pool. But if you have pots, who needs a large one right? You'll just be spamming pots either way and need a lot of money.

  • 2 INT 1 MEN

This isn't a that bad of a build. I personally pick damage over anything but some like to play it safe. This build has a lot of good sides, and in my opinon, is better than the int/wis build.

This build is a bit different than most. Be careful not to add too much MEN. After you like your casting speed, stop adding to it. That could be any where from level 20 to level 50. There really is no certain point to stop. This all depends on the players opinion.

Faster casting speed and more critical hits than other builds.

Wont do as much damage as pure Int builds. Run out of MP pretty fast but this is due to your casting speed.


This is a great build for those who like to save there money and not buy so many pots. This build isn't really for people who want to level fast or like to be in parties. If you wish to use this build, it's a 5 INT to 1 WIS ratio, and remember to add POW for a staffs.

You don't have to spam pots as much as other builds, you have a larger MP pool. Every point in wis you get 11 MP.

You don't do as much damage as other builds. Less crit than the INT/MEN build. Kills slower and have trouble within parties.


This is the tanker type build for a mage class. It's normally used for AoE'ers. It's not recommendable for those who can't buy a reset stat Card. I honestly don't see to much of a problem with this build myself. I think it would be way better than the int/wis build.

Upside: Carry more weight than other builds (it effects your POW stat). A large HP pool. For every 1 point you put into POW you gain +10 HP.

Downside: You do about 50 less damage than the pure INT build.

Now the status effects


Is there a stun effect? There are a few effects that will slow you down and stun you. One being Curse, that causes you to be overweight. I'll get more into this Later. 

About Gear

The first thing you should do once you pick up gear from a drop is to right-click it, to check to see if it's normal gear or AP gear.

AP stands for Additional Points. If the gear has it, it will show up at the bottom of the window that appears when you right click it.


  • AP 2 isn't all that good unless it's a + item. Meaning, for example, Farewell Shoes +1. This doesn't count for shields. Shields will bring in a nice amount of money.
  • AP 4 gears will bring in a fairly good price and maybe the best for those at lower levels. (level 70 or lower) unless you use AoE skills to level (AoE means Area of Effect).
  • AP 6 Gear will sell for a lot of money. These gears are normally bought by higher level players. You can find out the exact price by reading the broadcasts and look in other player shops. Mostly these items only sell for Xen due to people seem to like using them more than actual money.


  • 1 AP is sort of useless, but you can try to sell it if you want.
  • 2 AP is also desirable as it isn't as expensive as 3 AP but still has AP.
  • 3 AP is the highest AP a shield can have. These shields will bring in a whole lot of money.

You can find +2 gear from loot that monsters will drop. However +2 doesn't go up any higher. +3 and above must be created with xen stones.

Kron and the Economy

What is an Economy?

Well there really is no stupid question, only stupid answers. Younger players may not know the meaning of economy, or what it truly is. Hopefully this will help clarify it.

Economy is the production and management of material wealth. For example, a value of an item can raise and drop depending on it's resources. Let's say, I have a quest where I need a watermelon and it's not a common drop from monsters. This makes the item more valuable. The price of that watermelon could be around, lets say, 80k. If more and more people sell the watermelon, then the prices will start slowly or rapidly decrease, making the item cheaper due to the market overflowing with people trying to sell them. It takes longer to sell the item due to so many on the market. So they will decrease their price hoping to sell theirs faster.

This also refers to how much money is in the game. The more money that is in the economy, the more it tends to lose value due to there being so much of it. The more "Kron" that is in the game, the less it's worth, thus causing the prices of items to go up. That is why you will see items selling for a lot of money.


Kron is a term used to describe the currency within SoS.

Making money

Once you've been playing for a while, the first thing you'll notice is how the player shop prices seem to be huge. But don't feel discouraged. It's fairly easy to make money. You just have to get an understanding of how the economy works. Aloe sells at a great price at lower levels and isn't terribly hard to find. Mostly any type of Rabbit will drop this. And it sells for 400k+. +1 gear often sells for a good price. the level 16 +1 Gears normally sell from any where to 5k to 15k. The 24 +1 gear sells from anywhere from 15 to 30k.

Keep nearly anything you find. Because even though it may not look it. It could be valuable. It's best to keep things when first starting out in the game, and putting them in storage. Take a break from leveling and check the player stalls. They may have the same item as you, so that may help you determine what it's worth. If it's not worth putting in a stall, then sell it to any npc. If it sells for pretty good money, place it in your storage until you go to school, lay down to sleep, or something to where you're not spending time on the pc. And put it in a stall. I think the stall only holds around 8 items. I'm not sure on that. So it may be better to put items such as fruit and things in the stall so that you can place the whole stack in. You open a stall my pushing left alt and V at the same time or typing "/sell".

Market Prices can be found on this guide I've created: Market Prices. Hopefully this will help you with setting up a player shop.

Game tips

Moving with your keyboard

Some players highly dislike moving their character with the mouse. I'm not sure why, as I find it more user friendly, however there are those who are use to playing games like that and here is how to do it. :)

When you first log into the game, go to the option menu. Then click the Game tab. Check the box next to the "use keyboard controls" at the bottom of the list. A button will appear with a white down arrow on the bottom right corner of your chat box.

Press the button to turn it off and on. Once on, you'll be able to move using your W, A, S and D keys. W being up, S being down, A being left and D being right. However this comes at a price.

You won't be able to speak while you have it active due to the enter button toggling this often off and on but you will still be able to talk on your buddy list or use the white eggs to shout in the area as well as any other form of communication that doesn't require the chat box.

Continued skills

You can continue casting the same skill by simply holding down your hotkey for it. However, if you use a potion, your skill will stop working and you'll have to let go and start holding it down once again. Though it's not a wise thing to do when using skills that take a long time to cool down. I actually didn't know about this until I made a mage. I kept tapping the hotkey over and over. Noob, I know right? :O

Gear added bonus

Some gear will have added bonus. Many new players miss this when starting out. To tell if a gear has a higher bonus right click the gear and scroll down the description, it will have things such as Additional Magic point +2 an other effects. This type of gear adds extra points to your stats and is more valuable thus selling at a higher price than normal gear or normal +1 gear.

Tiny Potions

Also referred to as Tiny pots. These will heal you for around 50HP and you'll be able to find them for a pretty cheap price. These allow you to heal for more, thus not having to carry as many so it reduces your WT by a lot. In my personal opinion, I think it's best to buy these from players for around 200 kron* than buy the weak MP potions from shops. They are great money savers. :)

  • Not that it makes much of a difference, but you can buy them at the General Shop in Candy Vault for EXACTLY 200 kron

Things I'll be adding

* pvp
   * Skills and sp
   * Jobs
   * Lots of other things

Right now, this guide is only getting started. It will be huge by the time I'm done, and hopefully with the correct information, as well as pictures and other helpful things. It may take time, but hopefully it will be finished soon.


Q. What is aggro?
A. Aggro is a slang used to refer to Aggravation but however, it is also a British slang for aggression that, over time, gamers have used to refer to Mobs that have hate toward player characters.

Q. What is a mob?
A. A Mob is a non-player character (NPC) or a monster within a game that moves freely over a map. Long ago, when video games first introduced monsters that would move freely within a map by Dr. Richard Bartle and Roy Trubshaw in 1980. This term is normally used by older players, the new generation doesn't seem to use the word very often, letalone understand it's meaning.

Q. What is a crit?
A. Crit refers to the critical damage stat, but it can also can refer to your extra character. Char often means Character, crit often means your other characters other than the one you're currently using. Your Main is the character you play with the most.

Q. Why did you create this guide?
A. I seen a few guides out there, but most did not have enough information that I'd like to read. And going through different guides for one class at a time was annoying. So I decided to make the Ultimate Guide for every class.

Q. Does this guide cover every class and leveling area?
A. Yes, it does/will cover every class and where that class can level.

The creator this guide:


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