Level 1-10

Tutorial Quests

Level 11-20

Quest Name Level Repeatable?
Deliver the Message 11 No
Find Fairy Sphere 11 Yes
Veggie Shop Girl's Request 1/6 11 Yes
Master of the labyrinth: Novice 11 No
Fix the Guard's Weapon 13 No
Veggie Shop Girl's Request 2/6 15 Yes
Pateru's Serious Thoughts 16 No
Skill Master's Request 16 No
Class Change Priest's Report 16 No
Seiran's Touching Heart 16 No
Make a Clown Nose 16 No
The Skill Book Merchant's Request 17 Yes
The Lost Report 18 No
Gather Firewood 19 No
The Lost Necklace 20 No
Veggie Shop Girl's Request 3/6 20 Yes

Level 21-30

<Rep> Denotes a repeating quest

Level 31-40

<Rep> Denotes a repeating quest

Level 41-50

Level 51-60

Level 61-70

Level 71-80

Level 81-90

Level 91-100

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