The Vending System is a commerce system that allows players to set up their own individual shops and vend whatever items they have to passing players. Though slowly becoming obsolete as more and more MMORPGs adopt the auctioning system, there are some pros of the vending system that make it more preferable over auction halls.

Unlike the auctioning system, vending is completely free and doesn't force the player to pay a fee to use. In addition, vending players can set up shop almost anywhere, much more convenient to access than auction halls, which are limited to towns and cities. However, the biggest downside to vending is that it requires players to be online to function, which can use up time that could be used to actually play the game.

Using the Vending SystemEdit

The vending system in XO can be utilized by any character in the game regardless of occupation. To vend, simply pull up the Inventory window and click on the shopping cart icon at the bottom of the window.


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