A map of the entire world.
Quick Info
Type Planet
Level 1 - ???
Location The Universe at Large
Inhabitants Arcanians
Background Music

Xen is the name of the world in Xen Online. So far it consists of one continent, known as Arcana. It was conceived through the efforts of an unknown Creator, who left it in the care of gods and goddesses.


After some time has passed since Xen's creation, a change in the order of the world caused the gods and goddesses to put a stop to everything by holding time back from moving forward. As a result, the people of Arcana slowly gave birth to less and less children until the birth rate stopped entirely.

This pause in the time and space of Xen took a heavy toll on the people of Arcana, who were left with nothing but their Mana technology to keep themselves occupied. After about 10 years of being stuck, Arcana began receiving strange visitors from another world. Although they were met with fear at first, the visitors were eventually adopted into the Arcana communities. These visitors were then known as Arcadians or Xenoans.[1]


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