Xen Online
Developer(s) DNC Entertainment
Publisher(s) ParanGAMES (Korea)
Q Entertainment (Japan)
OUTSPARK (North America)
Recreation Spring Network Technology (China)
OMG Digital Entertainment (Taiwan)
Jaring Interactive (Indonesia)
MAYN Interactive (Europe)
Composer(s) SoundTeMP[1]
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) 2007 November 30 (Korea)
2008 January (Japan)
2008 January 9 (North America)
???? (China)
2010 January 28 (Taiwan)
2011 February 21 (Indonesia)
???? (Europe)
Genre(s) MMORPG

Xen Online (Korean: 젠온라인) is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by DNC Entertainment. Known as Secret of the Solstice in North America and Xenepic Online in Japan, it gained a cult following before its eventual shutdown.[2][3] The game's setting draws inspiration from a variety of cultures such as Norse, Celtic, and Judaism.


  • Create your alter ego in an online 3D world.
  • Synthesize items using more than 1 million different combinations.
  • Grow your own unique character while having a variety of action and fun.
  • Use emoticons to make the game more fun.[4]


It has been said that the universe in the beginning was in a state of chaos; matter and energy mingled together. Many different theories of the origin of the Creator had been formed, but generally it's been seen as the point of attainment in the chaotic universe. It was regarded that as each state of dimensions fashioned with specific virtue weave with one another, order came into existence and sentience along with it.

The omniscient powers arranged the universe to have its own dimensions to preserve paradoxical order throughout the chaos, granting ambiguity and indistinctness to convolution of it—imaginably, such was the godly strife to overcome their limitations of being born from chaos. Nevertheless, far before humankind realized its own history, the universe sustained the theorem of law in chaos and chaos in law, and such arrangement appeared to be everlasting.

Be that as it may...

In the year M.D. 768, King Haldrada of the Arcana continent has received a report of a decline in birth rates. It didn't take more than two full years from then for births to stop entirely. Furthermore, weather and seasons have stopped as well, diminishing the sense of time. Beasts became untamed. Nature, too, was no longer hospitable to humankind. Even the buried dead were raising to assault the living. Despair and sorrow alike filled his subjects.

Then came the Prophecy. It spoke of a fearsome narrative: "the godly design and foundation of Xen has been lost, and the only actions for the gods to take was to stop the flow of matter and time to delay the inevitable Cataclysm." This prophecy was enough to put the entire continent of Arcana into despair.

After centuries of Mana discoveries and advancements from it, has mankind's surrender to arrogance all that it has left? Mankind no longer believed in myths; gods to them were just a fable of old ancestors, unlike the very ancestors who have understood nature as divine government. Ironically, the gods' presence has never felt closer.

10 years later, in the year M.D. 779, distress abounds in the passing yet still time...

The populace has lost their willpower and live daily fighting against the environment that has left them with nothing but their Mana. In this era of timeless chaotic reign of monsters all over the world, came the Visitors.

In the beginning, they were thought of as just new researchers of teleportation magics, but unlike "ESP teleport", which could not cross dimensions, sages were startled to realize that these Visitors are from completely new worlds. These folks have the shape of the common man, yet also had superior strength, intelligence, and courage. Tired of living in dread, the denizens eventually accepted them as one of their own. They came to be called "Arcadia," meaning hope, or "Xenoa," the exotic.

No prophecy has foretold of their arrival. As a result, no one knows how their existence will influence the worlds as of now. All humanity can simply hope for is that the prophecy of the Cataclysm was not of a certain doom but a warning, and that the gods, too, are striving accordingly.[5]

Official ServersEdit

This is a listing of official servers that once existed. All have shut down since DNC Entertainment's disappearance.

Region Publisher Commercial Launch Date
Korea ParanGAMES 2007 November 30[6]
XenOnline(old) logo
Xen Online began its open beta test on 2006 January 06.[7] Shortly after, it received much backlash from the Korean gaming community for its 2.5D graphics holding a resemblance to competitor MMORPG Ragnarok Online.[8] Despite that, the beta test continued and the game launched commercially in 2007.
Region Publisher Commercial Launch Date
Japan Q Entertainment 2008 January[9]
XenepicOnline logo
Xenepic Online was the Japanese version of Xen Online. It launched commercially in January of 2008 and continued service for the Japan region until its shut down on 2014 January 22.[10][11]
Region Publisher Commercial Launch Date
North America OUTSPARK 2008 January 9
SoS logo
Secret of the Solstice was the North America version of Xen Online published by Outspark.[12] Open Beta for the game started on 2007 December 7 and was commercially launched on 2008 January 9. Players had the option to migrate from the old version when the new version called Solstice Reborn was announced. Beta opened for the new version on 2011 October 24, but due to unknown reasons, the game shut down soon after and all traces of Outspark were removed as well as the forums being shut down.

In Secret of the Solstice, the story was changed to have a king entrusted by the gods ruling the land of Xen and his two daughters Adeline and Marian were the ones that conflicted with each other.[13] It is one of two Xen Online servers to have been localized to this extent.

No data yet.
Region Publisher Commercial Launch Date
China Recreation Spring Network Technology unknown
LegendHolySpiritOnline logo
Closed beta for the game, which was localized to Legend of the Holy Spirit Online (Chinese:圣灵传说Online), began on 2009 April 21 and ended about a month later on May 6.[14][15] Recreation Spring and Autumn planned for Legend of the Holy Spirit Online's commercial launch to be in 2009, but the open beta kept getting delayed months after the initial closed beta test. Recreation Spring and Autumn kept insisting that the quality-assurance team was taking extra steps to make sure the game was the best that it could be for their community of players.[16][17] Eventually all information about the game was removed from the ICC Game website. News about the game stopped after 2010 April 20 and the entire site was taken down around 2014.

In addition to the localized name, the background story of Legend of the Holy Spirit Online was also changed from the original Xen Online story. The story in Legend of the Holy Spirit Online revolved around two goddesses waging war against each other.[18] It is one of two Xen Online servers to have been localized to this extent.

Region Publisher Commercial Launch Date
Taiwan OMG Digital Entertainment 2010 January 28[19]
XenLegend logo
Xen Legend (Chinese:XEN傳說) was the Taiwan version of Xen Online.
Region Publisher Commercial Launch Date
Indonesia Jaring Interactive 2011 February 21
XenOnline logo
The Indonesia server of Xen Online was hosted by PT. Jaring Interactive through their account platform, GOGAME.[20]
Region Publisher Commercial Launch Date
Europe MAYN Interactive unknown
XenOnline logo
Entered closed beta in June of 2011.[21][22] Closed down 2012 July 19.[23]


Around 2010, DNC Entertainment decided to revamp the game, overhauling not only the user interface and graphics, but also some of the mechanics. The redone game was then distributed to existing servers. In Japan the remake was advertised as Xenepic Online Revo, while in North America the remake became known as Solstice Reborn. Since the Indonesia and Europe regions didn't get Xen Online until afterwards, their versions of the game lacked a remake name as they were simply given the remake version instead of the original.

System RequirementsEdit

Minimum RequirementsEdit

  • OS Windows XP / Vista
  • CPU Pentium4 1.0Ghz
  • RAM 256M
  • Graphic Nvidia Geforce MX or equivalent
  • OpenGL ver1.2 or higher
  • DirectX Direct 9.0c

Recommended SettingsEdit

  • OS Windows XP / Vista
  • CPU Pentium4 2.0Ghz
  • RAM 512M
  • Graphic Nvidia Geforce Ti or Radeon 9200 OpenGL ver1.2 or higher
  • OpenGL ver1.2 or higher
  • DirectX Direct 9.0c


  • Xen comes from the Greek word xenos, which means "foreigner" or "stranger." This coincides externally with the game as a world unlike our real-life world, and it also coincides internally with the backstory of the game itself speaking of visitors from another world.



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