The Xen Online Wiki is a wiki dedicated to compiling all the stories, characters, and events that are part of DNC Entertainment's world of Xen Online, covering both the original MMORPG and its mobile phone spin-offs.

The current admins of the wiki can be found here.

About Xen Online WikiEdit

The Xen Online Wiki contains both user-generated content and information from official sources. All information presented on the wiki falls under an Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. The Xen Online Wiki aims to provide accurate information based on the official source. If you see something that is out of date or incorrect, please create a Wikia account and help improve the information quality of the wiki.

In order to promote good faith and not take credit for information not written by Wikia users, we strive to make an effort to attribute fansite information on the Xen Online Wiki out of respect. If fansite admins and users want the removal of their content, it will be done. Our intent is not to plagiarize, but to allow the information from those fansites to continue to be available should those websites go down for any amount of time or shut down entirely.

Wiki HistoryEdit

User AsuraSky originally founded the Secret of the Solstice Wiki on 2008 February 20, which was dedicated to the North America version of Xen Online. AsuraSky made few edits on the wiki before eventually abandoning it in March of 2009. No admins or moderators were ever appointed to manage the wiki in AsuraSky's absence.

About a couple of years later, user XenSei founded the Xen Online Wiki on 2011 June 25. A good number of contributions were made by XenSei before abandoning the wiki just a little over two months later. Again, no admins or moderators were ever appointed to manage the wiki in the absence of the founder.

Roughly five years later, user ZeroTigress made strides to clean up the Secret of the Solstice Wiki and eventually adopted it. Around the same time, user NightAccio did the same for the Xen Online Wiki. As the two wikis were centered around the same game, the new admins decided to merge both inactive wikis together and the Secret of the Solstice name was redirected to Xen Online Wiki as the game's original name was Xen Online.

With both wikis merged, the total number of articles became 461. These were further cleaned up and revamped for the current total of 478 articles. The merger also led to the relaunch of the wiki itself as a community hub for Xen Online, Xenopic Online, Xen Legend, Legend of the Holy Spirit Online, and Secret of the Solstice players.

Wiki CommunitiesEdit


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